Non-Photorealistic Computer Graphics Library

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Found 103 item(s) authored in "2003".
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Proceedings Dynamic Canvas for Non-Photorealistic Walkthroughs
Matthieu Cunzi, Joëlle Thollot, Sylvain Paris, Gilles Debunne, Jean-Dominique Gascuel, Frédo Durand.
Graphics Interface (GI'03), 2003. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Dynamic Glyphs - Depicting Dynamics in Images of 3D Scenes
Marc Nienhaus, Jürgen Döllner.
Proceedings of Third International Symposium on Smart Graphics, pp. 102--111, July, 2003. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Edge-Enhancement – An Algorithm for Real-Time Non-Photorealistic Rendering
Marc Nienhaus, Jürgen Döllner.
11th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision (WSCG), 2003. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Effective toon ink rendering for episodic television
Gordon Farrell, Julia Taylor-Hell, F. David Fracchia.
Proceedings of the SIGGRAPH 2003, Sketches & applications, 2003. [BibTeX]

Article Fast Texture Transfer
Michael Ashikhmin.
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, pp. 38--43, July/August, 2003. [BibTeX]

PhD Thesis Frame-Coherent 3D Stippling for Non-Photorealistic Computer Graphics
Oscar E. Meruvia Pastor.
Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Germany, 2003. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Generalizing the Active Shape Model by Integrating Structural Knowledge to Recognize Hand Drawn Sketches
Stephan Al-Zubi, Klaus D. Tönnies.
CAIP, pp. 320--328, Gröningen, Netherland, 25-27 August, 2003. [BibTeX]

Article Generating Discriminating Cartoon Faces Using Interacting Snakes
Rein-Lien Hsu, Anil K. Jain.
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Vol. 25, No. 11, pp. 1388--1398, November, 2003. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Generation of Varying Line Thickness
Suguru Saito, Akane Kani, Youngha Chang, Masayuki Nakajima.
Computer Graphics International, pp. 294, Tokyo, Japan, July 09 - 11, 2003. [BibTeX]

Proceedings GreenArt: A Tool for Non-Photorealistic Rendering of Plants and Trees
C. Campos, R. Quiros, J. Huerta, E. Camahort, J. Lluch, R. Vivo.
eurographics 2003, 2003. [BibTeX]

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