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PhD Thesis Frame-Coherent 3D Stippling for Non-Photorealistic Computer Graphics

Author(s): Oscar E. Meruvia Pastor.
PhD Thesis: Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Germany, 2003.
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This thesis deals with the question of how to produce nonphotorealistic stippling animations of 3D models. Nonphotorealistic animation techniques ought to take into account three important issues that arise when applying 2D drawing styles to 3D model rendering: framecoherence, scalability and viewdependance, and rendition of animated models. To deal with these issues, the author proposes point hierarchies as an integral and modular technique to generate nonphotorealistic animations, and describes how point hierarchies are used to produce stippling animations of static and animated models which are framecoherent, viewdependant and scalable. Two different approaches to create such point hierarchies are provided and applications of animated stippling are shown in the areas of cartoon animation, medical illustration, realtime rendering, and archaeology.

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