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Proceedings Animation with Threshold Textures
Oleg Veryovka.
Graphics Interface (GI'02), 2002. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Comprehensive Halftoning of 3D Scenes
Oleg Veryovka, John W. Buchanan.
Skiggraph '99, 1999. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Edge enhancement issues in halftoning

Author(s): John W. Buchanan, Lisa M. Streit, Oleg Veryovka.
Proceedings: Graphics Interface (GI'98), pp. 209--216, 1998.
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The correct display of edges in half-toned images is necessary for accurate image reproduction. This problem has been addressed by pre-processing the image to enhance the edges or by altering the half-toning algorithm to account for edges. In this paper we present a post-processing edge enhancement technique that is applicable to all half-toning algorithms. We identify two types of edge pixels in the image; dark and light edge pixels. Edges in an image are highlighted by setting the dark/light edge pixels to black/white. We tested our method on a modern laser printer. Because of this our evaluation of the technique is restricted to clustered half-toning methods. We evaluated the effect of enhancing edges by conducting a user survey to determine the perceived value of the different edge enhancement methods. The results of the user survey, while not statistically significant, indicate that our post-processing technique achieves comparable results to previous edge enhancement methods. Our technique is simple to implement and can be applied to any half-toning technique and thus is a good default edge-enhancing approach.

Proceedings Halftoning with Image-Based Dither Screens
Oleg Veryovka, John W. Buchanan.
Graphics Interface (GI'99), 1999. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Non-photorealistic Rendering Using an Adaptive Halftoning Technique
Lisa M. Streit, Oleg Veryovka, John W. Buchanan.
Skiggraph '99, 1999. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Pen-and-ink textures for real-time rendering
Jennifer Fung, Oleg Veryovka.
Graphics Interface (GI'03), 2003. [BibTeX]

PhD Thesis Texture Control in Digital Halftoning
Oleg Veryovka.
University of Alberta, 1999. [BibTeX]

In Collection Theory and Practice of Non-Photorealistic Graphics: Algorithms, Methods, and Production Systems
Brett Achorn, Daniel Teece, M. Sheelagh T. Carpendale, Mario Costa Sousa, David Ebert, Bruce Gooch, Victoria Interrante, Lisa M. Streit, Oleg Veryovka.
Siggraph 2003, ACM Press, 2003. [BibTeX]

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