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Technical Report A Lua Implementation of Image Moment-Based Painterly Rendering
Diego Nehab, Luiz Velho.
IMPA, No. TR-01-11, December, 2001. [BibTeX]

Technical Report A New Framework for Non-Photorealistic Rendering

Author(s): Ronald N. Perry, Sarah F. Frisken.
Technical Report: MERL, No. TR2001-12, 2001.
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Non-photorealistic rendering, or NPR, has emerged as an important field of computer graphics. Most NPR methods attempt to create imagery mimicking a particular style produced by an artist. Several such styles have been investigated, including painting, watercolor, engraving, pen and ink, color pencil, charcoal, cartoon coloring, stippling, and loose sketching. Thus far, most published NPR algorithms focus on a specific artistic style, or a closely related class of styles. Underlying these diverse artistic effects, however, are several recurring themes common to most NPR techniques. In this report, we present a novel framework for NPR based on adaptively sampled distance fields (ADFs). By representing a model as an ADF, we can interactively and accurately generate view-dependent particles (for stroking and coloring) and view-dependent triangles (for stroking, coloring, and visibility determination). From these view-dependent elements, many diverse styles can be realized by employing existing techniques. The multi-resolution nature of ADFs provide regulation of stroke (particle and triangle) density, guaranteed frame rates, and optimal use of processing resources in a system that scales both to new hardware and to models of increasing complexity. This approach thus unifies several operations common in artistic rendering. Furthermore, because ADFs can represent both hard surfaces and soft organic volumetric forms, opportunities exist to develop new volumetric NPR techniques in this single framework. We propose such a volumetric style.

Misc A Painterly Approach to Human Skin
Peter-Pike J. Sloan, Bruce Gooch, Bill Martin, Amy A. Gooch, Louise Bell.
Short Research paper, 2001. [BibTeX]

PhD Thesis A Projective Approach to Computer-Aided Drawing
Osama Tolba.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2001. [BibTeX]

Proceedings A Projective Drawing System
Osama Tolba, Julie Dorsey, Leonard McMillan.
2001 ACM Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics, 2001. [BibTeX]

Proceedings A Study on the Real-time Toon Rendering for 3D Geometry Model
Daeuk Kang, Donghwan Kim, Kyung Hyun Yoon.
Fifth International Conference on Information Visualisation (IV'01), pp. 391--396, July, 2001. [BibTeX]

Proceedings A Suggestive Interface for 3D Drawing
Takeo Igarashi, John F. Hughes.
14th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology (UIST'01), pp. 173--181, Orlando, Florida, November 11-14, 2001. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Adaptive Unwrapping for Interactive Texture Painting
Takeo Igarashi, Dennis Cosgrove.
2001 ACM Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics, 2001. [BibTeX]

Misc Adventures in Non-photorealism: Creating a Painterly Renderer
Mark Fashing.
Honors Thesis, College of William and Mary, May, 2001. [BibTeX]

Proceedings AI Supported Computer-Generated Pen-and-Ink Illustration
Yan Gu, Songhua Xu, Min Tang, Jinxiang Dong.
The Sixth International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design, pp. 227--231, 12-14 July, 2001. [BibTeX]

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