Non-Photorealistic Computer Graphics Library

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Found 134 item(s) authored in "2004".
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Article Perceptually based brush strokes for nonphotorealistic visualization
Christopher G. Healey, Laura Tateosian, James T. Enns, Mark Remple.
ACM Transactions on Graphics, Vol. 23, No. 1, pp. 64--96, January, 2004. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Photorealism or/and Non-Photorealism in Augmented Reality
Michael Haller.
ACM SIGGRAPH International Conference on Virtual Reality Continuum and its Applications in Industry, pp. 189--196, Singapore, 2004. [BibTeX]

Article Physically based virtual painting
Ming C. Lin, William Baxter, Vincent Scheib, Jeremy Wendt.
Communications of the ACM - Interactive immersion in 3D graphics, Vol. 47, No. 8, pp. 40--47, August, 2004. [BibTeX]

PhD Thesis Physically-Based Modeling Techniques for Interactive Digital Painting
William Baxter.
University of North Carolina, Department of Computer Science, 2004. [BibTeX]

Proceedings PointWorks: Abstraction and Rendering of Sparsely Scanned Outdoor Environments
Hui Xu, Nathan Gossett, Baoquan Chen.
Rendering Techniques 2004 (Eurographics Symposium on Rendering), ACM Press, 2004. [BibTeX]

Misc Procedural Image Processing for Non-photorealistic Rendering and Visualization
Xiaoru Yuan.
Presentation Slides, November 11, 2004. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Programmable Style for NPR Line Drawing
Stephane Grabli, Emmanuel Turquin, Frédo Durand, François X. Sillion.
Rendering Techniques 2004 (Eurographics Symposium on Rendering), ACM Press, 2004. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Real Time Loose and Sketchy Rendering in Hardware
Son Ni Ho, Ryoichi Komiya.
Proceedings of the 20th Spring Conference on Computer Graphics, pp. 83--88, Budmerice, Slovakia, 2004. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Real-Time Cartoon Rendering of Smoke
Morgan McGuire, Andi Fein, Colin Hartnett.
SIGGRAPH 2004 Poster Session, Los Angeles, CA, 2004. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Real-Time Painterly Rendering for MR Applications
Michael Haller, Daniel Sperl.
2nd international conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques in Austalasia and Southe East Asia, pp. 30--38, 2004. [BibTeX]

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