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Proceedings An Illustration Technique Using Hardware-Based Intersections and Skeletons

Author(s): Oliver Deussen, Jörg Hamel, Andreas Raab, Stefan Schlechtweg, Thomas Strothotte.
Proceedings: Graphics Interface (GI'99), pp. 175--182, 1999.
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We present a method for generating line drawings of complex geometries in the style of crosshatched illustrations. Hatching lines are generated by intersecting the geometry with a set of planes. Half-toning on the basis of the generated curves is used to represent a given intensity distribution. Computing a geometric skeleton allows us to determine automatically the orientation of the intersection planes for a wide variety of models. By using predefined line styles different types of illustrations can be generated. Applications of the method are discussed, examples are given.

Proceedings Assessing the Effect of Non-Photorealistic Rendered Images in CAD
Jutta Schumann, Thomas Strothotte, Andreas Raab, Stefan Laser.
Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems: common ground, pp. 35--41, 1996. [BibTeX]

Article How to Render Frames and Influence People
Thomas Strothotte, Bernhard Preim, Andreas Raab, Jutta Schumann, David R. Forsey.
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 13, No. 3, pp. 455--466, 1994. [BibTeX]

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