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Proceedings Assessing the Effect of Non-Photorealistic Rendered Images in CAD

Author(s): Jutta Schumann, Thomas Strothotte, Andreas Raab, Stefan Laser.
Proceedings: Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems: common ground, pp. 35--41, 1996.
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Recent work in computer graphics has resulted in new techniques for rendering so-called non-photorealistic images. While such features are now already appearing in commercially available software, little is known about the effect of non-photorealistic images on users and their usefulness in specific contexts. In this paper we report on an empirical study with 54 architects who compared the output of a sketch-renderer for producing pencil-like drawings with standard output of CAD systems for architectural designs. The results show that the different kinds of renditions actually have a very different effect on viewers and that non-photorealistic images actually do deserve their place in the repertoire of CAD systems.

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