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Proceedings Animating Frame-To-Frame-Coherent Line Drawings for Illustrated Purposes

Author(s): Maic Masuch, Lars Schumann, Stefan Schlechtweg.
Proceedings: Proceedings of Simulation und Visualisierung '98, SCS Europe, Peter Lorenz, Bernhard Preim, pp. 101-112, 1998.
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We present a system for rendering 3D animations in the style of line drawings. We use a highly parameterized line model in order to determine the appearance of a line. This model allows us to render characteristic line deviations that remain--in contrast to existing non-photorealistic rendering systems--frame coherent. Other inconsistencies which result from intersection and visibility changes during an animation are prevented by a path reconstruction method. Furthermore, we implemented a keyframing for linestyle parameters which enables us to extend illustration techniques like simplification of a scene or the placement of emphasis on certain objects to the field of 3D computer animation.

Proceedings Surfaces To Lines: Rendering Rich Line Drawings
Stefan Schlechtweg, Bert Schönwälder, Lars Schumann, Thomas Strothotte.
The Sixth International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics and Visualization'98 (WSCG'98), University of West Bohemia, Campus Bory, Plzen - Bory, Czech Republic, February 9-13, 1998. [BibTeX]

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