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Article Computer aided generation of stylized maps

Author(s): Neeharika Adabala, Manik Varma, Kentaro Toyama.
Article: Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, Vol. 18, No. 2, pp. 133--140, 2007.
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Geographic maps have existed from early stages of human civilization. Various styles of visualizing the geographic information have evolved depending on the nature of information and the technology available for visualization. This has led to innumerable map styles. In this work we develop a technique to create maps by combining two-dimensional and three-dimensions information such that the resulting maps are both functional and aesthetically appealing. Our technique requires geographical information in vector form and aerial images as inputs. We use computer vision based approaches and user de?ned inputs to augment the vector data with information that

Proceedings Performance-Driven Hand-Drawn Animation
Ian Buck, Adam Finkelstein, Charles Jacobs, Allison W. Klein, David H. Salesin, Joshua E. Seims, Richard Szeliski, Kentaro Toyama.
1st International Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering (NPAR'00), pp. 101--108, Annecy, France, June 05 - 07, 2000. [BibTeX]

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