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Found 5 item(s) authored in "1979".

Proceedings An algorithm for shading of regions on vector display devices
Kurt E. Brassel, Robin Fegeas.
Proceedings of the 6th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques, Siggraph 79, pp. 126--133, 1979. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Computer Drafting of Stones, Wood, Plant and Ground Materials

Author(s): Chris I. Yessios.
Proceedings: Siggraph 79, pp. 190--198, 1979.
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Architectural presentation drawings frequently require the drafting of stones, wood patterns, plants and ground materials, which, contrary to the majority of drafting tasks, cannot rely on repetitious procedures. This paper discusses and illustrates computer implemented algorithms which generate graphic representations of the above materials. Simulating a process known to be applied in practice is certainly a sound approach, and one such algorithm, applicable for the derivation of stone walls, is presented, But the majority of the algorithms discussed are based on a technique which introduces randomly generated disturbances on initially regular patterns. The latter algorithms in particular have produced highly satisfactory graphic representations, which include frequently hand-made qualities.

Proceedings On the rendering of Surfaces
A.R. Forrest.
Siggraph 79, pp. 253--259, 1979. [BibTeX]

Misc Table Paint
Alvy Ray Smith.
Published as Tutorial Notes at SIGGRAPH '80 and SIGGRAPH '81, 1979. [BibTeX]

Proceedings The haloed line effect for hidden line elimination
Arthur Appel, F. James Rohlf, Arthur J. Stein.
Siggraph 79, pp. 151--157, 1979. [BibTeX]

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