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Proceedings Enhancing Slice-based Visualizations of Medical Volume Data

Author(s): Christian Tietjen, Björn Meyer, Stefan Schlechtweg, Bernhard Preim, Ilka Hertel, Gero Strauß.
Proceedings: IEEE/Eurographics Symposium on Visualization (EUROVIS'06), pp. 123-130, IEEE, 2006.
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Slice-based visualizations of CT and MRI data are frequently used for diagnosis, intervention planning and intraoperative navigation since they allow a precise analysis and localization. We present new techniques to enhance the visualization of cross sectional medical image data. Our work is focussed on intervention planning and intraoperative navigation. We address the following problems of slice-based visualization in these areas: the lack of a graphical overview on the positions of anatomic structures, the localization of a target structure and the display of safety zones around pathologic structures. To improve the overview, we introduce LIFTCHARTs, attached as vertical bars to a slice-based visualization. For localizing target structures, we introduce halos. These techniques restrict the occlusion of the original data to a minimum and avoid any modification of the original data. To demonstrate the usability of these visualization techniques, we show two application scenarios in which the techniques come into operation.

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