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Proceedings Art-Based Rendering of Fur, Grass, and Trees
Michael A. Kowalski, Lee Markosian, J.D. Northrup, Lubomir D. Bourdev, Ronen Barzel, Loring S. Holden, John F. Hughes.
Proceedings of Siggraph 99, 1999. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Real-Time Nonphotorealistic Rendering
Lee Markosian, Michael A. Kowalski, Samuel J. Trychin, Lubomir D. Bourdev, Daniel Goldstein, John F. Hughes.
ACM Siggraph 97, Annual Conference Series 1997, pp. 415--420, August, 1997. [BibTeX]

Master Thesis Rendering Nonphotorealistic Strokes with Temporal and Arc-length Coherence

Author(s): Lubomir D. Bourdev.
Master Thesis: Brown University, May, 1998.
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This system allows for rendering a silhouette of an object in a frame-to-frame coherent way. The input to the system each frame is a set of silhouette pixels in a rendering of the object and their corresponding silhouette edges in a polygonal model (mesh) of the object. The output is a set of silhouette strokes.

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