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Proceedings Progressive 3D Reconstruction from Sketch Drawing

Author(s): Beom-Soo Oh, Chang-Hun Kim.
Proceedings: 9th Pacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications (PG'01), pp. 108--117, Tokyo, Japan, October 16-18, 2001.
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This paper presents a progressive algorithm for reconstructing a 3D structure from a given 2D sketch drawing (edge-vertex graph without hidden line removal) according to the user's sketch order. While previous methods reconstruct a 3D structure at once, the proposed method progressively calculate a 3D structure by optimizing the coordinates of vertices of an object according to the sketch order. The progressive method reconstructs the most plausible 3D object quickly by applying 3D constraints that are derived from the relationship between the object and the sketch drawing in the optimization process. Furthermore, it allows the user to change viewpoint during sketching, and also minimize distortion of an object by refining inaccurate sketch drawings. The progressive reconstruction algorithm is discussed, and examples from a working implementation are given.

In Collection User-Guided 3D Su-Muk Painting
Jung Lee, Joon-Yong Ji, Soo-Kyun Kim, Chang-Hun Kim.
Computational Science and Its Applications -- ICCSA 2005, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, Vol. 3482, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 1139--1147, 2005. [BibTeX]

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