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In Collection User-Guided 3D Su-Muk Painting

Author(s): Jung Lee, Joon-Yong Ji, Soo-Kyun Kim, Chang-Hun Kim.
In Collection: Computational Science and Its Applications -- ICCSA 2005, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, Vol. 3482, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 1139--1147, 2005.
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We present a technique for rendering animated 3D models in a Su-Muk painting style with use's guide. First, a user can sketch directly over 3D models by varying ink and water values. And we simulate the behavior of ink-water directly on 3D model for consistent shade information over 3D models. After simulation, ink and water are spread over a 3D surface appropriately. Second, to achieve a real hand-crafted look of Su-Muk painting, ink-water behavior is simulated again on a 2D screen by using overall ink-water shade information from previous output of 3D ink-water simulation. We demonstrate some images for Su-Muk painting with our user-guided drawing system.

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