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Article Pen-and-Ink for BlobTree Implicit Models
Kevin Foster, Pauline Jepp, Brian Wyvill, Mario Costa Sousa, Callum Galbraith, Joaquim A. Jorge.
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 267--276, 2005. [BibTeX]

Article Precise Ink Drawing of 3D Models
Mario Costa Sousa, Kevin Foster, Brian Wyvill, Faramarz Samavati.
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 22, No. 3, September, 2003. [BibTeX]

Master Thesis Precise Ink Illustrations of Polygonal Models

Author(s): Kevin Foster.
Master Thesis: University of Calgary, March, 2005.
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This research contributes two approaches for pen-and-ink stroke extraction and stylization from 3D polygonal meshes. The pen-and-ink medium is commonly used by artists to highlight shape and form of objects. The first approach presents a general solution to remove errors from silhouettes extracted from polygonal meshes in object space. This approach uses reverse-subdivision multiresolution to remove errors and perform automatic smoothing stylization on silhouette strokes. The second approach creates accurate, technical pen-and-ink styles using an edge-based approach. Ink is placed using edge-based shape measures generalized from geomorphology and controlled by a user-driven interface. The focus of this work is to provide a user with high-level interactive control of ink placement, while automatically generating individual strokes.

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