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Technical Report Computer-Generated Pen-and-Ink Illustration

Author(s): George Winkenbach, David H. Salesin.
Technical Report: Department of Computer Science & Engineering, No. 94-01-08b, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195, 23 June, 1994.
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This paper describes the principles of traditional pen-and-ink illustration, and shows how a great number of them can be implemented as part of an automated rendering system. It introduces “stroke textures,” which can be used for achieving both texture and tone with line drawing. Stroke textures also allow resolution-dependent rendering, in which the choice of strokes used in an illustration is appropriately tied to the resolution of the target medium.We demonstrate these techniques using complex architectural models, including Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Robie House.”

PhD Thesis Computer-Generated Pen-and-Ink Illustration
George Winkenbach.
University of Washington, 1996. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Rendering Parametric Surfaces in Pen and Ink
George Winkenbach, David H. Salesin.
SIGGRAPH 96, 1996. [BibTeX]

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