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Proceedings A Display Algorithm of Brush Strokes Using Bézier Functions

Author(s): Tomoyuki Nishita, Shinichi Takita, Eihachiro Nakamae.
Proceedings: Proc. of Computer Graphics International '93, pp. 244--257, 1993.
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Graphics editors have recently come into wide use. But for displaying high quality images, a more powerful tool has been desired. This paper proposes a useful display method for Chinese calligraphy, traditional Japanese ink painting called sumie, and watercolor painting. The method comprises techniques to express the outlines of a brush stroke and to vary shades of color. That is, the outlines of a brush stroke are modeled using piecewise Bezier curves, and the variation of gray shade inside of the outline are defined by Bezier functions. This method provides effective characteristics of a brush stroke such as shade variation, the scratchiness produced by dry brush, and blotchiness caused by the diffusion of ink.

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