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Found 3 item(s) authored by "Andrian Secord" .

Proceedings Fast Primitive Distribution for Illustration
Andrian Secord, Wolfgang Heidrich, Lisa M. Streit.
Thirteenth Eurographics Workshop on Rendering (2002), 2002. [BibTeX]

Master Thesis Random Marks on Paper: Non-Photorealistic Rendering with Small Primitives
Andrian Secord.
University of British Columbia, 2002. [BibTeX]

Proceedings Weighted Voronoi Stippling

Author(s): Andrian Secord.
Proceedings: 2nd International Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering (NPAR'02), pp. 37--43, Annecy, France, June 3-5, 2002.
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The traditional artistic technique of stippling places small dots of ink onto paper such that their density give the impression of tone. The artist tightly controls the relative placement of the stipples on the paper to produce even tones and avoid artifacts, leading to long creation times for the drawings. We present two non-interactive techniques for generating stipple drawings from grayscale images using weighted centroidal Voronoi diagrams. An iterative technique acts on input images directly to produce high-quality stipple drawings and a real-time approach uses precomputed dot distributions to stipple images quickly.

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