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Article Floating Points: A Method for Computing Stipple Drawings

Author(s): Oliver Deussen, Stefan Hiller, Cornelius Overveld, Thomas Strothotte.
Article: Computer Graphics Forum (EG'00), Vol. 19, No. 3, pp. 40--51, 2000.
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We present a method for computer generated pen-and-ink illustrations by the simulation of stippling. In a stipple drawing, dots are used to represent tone and also material of surfaces. We create such drawings by generating an initial dot set which is then processed by a relaxation method based on Voronoi diagrams. The point patterns generated are approximations of Poisson disc distributions and can also be used for integrating functions or the positioning of objects. We provide an editor similar to paint systems for interactively creating stipple drawings. This makes it possible to create such drawings within a matter of hours, instead of days or even weeks when the drawing is done manually.

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