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30 April 2017 – NOTE: ICU 59.x upstream no longer supports any compilers prior to MSVC 2015. For older compilers the latest version is 58.2, which you can download from the Precompiled ICU (Past Builds) page.

I compile many different versions of ICU with Cygwin/MSVC. I have written a batch script to ease this process. To use it you basically need the source code from SVN, Cygwin and Microsoft Visual Studio. I use these builds to subsequently compile Boost and Qt5, but I modify these also. The official project does not offer precompiled binaries for all Microsoft Visual Studio version, so I hope this is useful to some people. In addition, by default ICU links against the Dynamic Runtimes (/MD), so if you want to link against Static Runtime (/MT) you can use these binaries.

The binaries posted here are experimental and any comments would be welcome. Thanks to all the people who have helped me improve these scripts and send me comments.

If you are using these binaries link back to this page as I update the scripts and binaries often.

If you are looking for older builds, go to the Precompiled ICU (Past Builds) page.

ICU v59.1

  • Updated: 30 April 2017
  • Source Code: svn export icu-svn-59.1 --native-eol LF
  • Batch Script: build-icu_59.1.bat
  • Patches: [patch]
    • When building statically, link against Static Runtimes, instead of Dynamic (/MT instead of the default /MD). [See ICU Ticket: 10406]
    • Program Database files (PDB) are named icuMTd.pdb and icuMDd.pdb for static and shared builds, respectively.
  • Notes:
    • From ICU 59.1 and on, all compilers prior to MSVC 2015 are no longer supported upstream.
    • The deprecated Layout Engine is no longer built (see
    • All statically built libraries link against the Static Runtimes (/MT instead of /MD), which is not the default in the ICU build system.
    • When you link to the static libraries from your code remember to always define U_STATIC_IMPLEMENTATION. See also How to use ICU.
    • Executable binary utilities (bin/*.exe and bin64/*.exe) included are those of the shared release build. It saves a bit of space.
    • The ICU Data are included in the data/ directory.
  • Build Instructions:
    • Download the build-icu batch file and all listed patches (place them in the same directory).
    • Download and decompress the official sources in their own directory.
    • Check and modify the configuration options in the batch script.
    • Patch the sources: build-icu_XXXX.bat patch
    • Build everything: build-icu_XXXX.bat build all
    • Package: build-icu_XXXX.bat package all
Precompiled ICU
Compiler Download Size Arch Build Link
MSVC 2017 icu-59.1-vs2017.7z [md5] 31 MB x86 (32-bit)
x64 (64-bit)
MSVC 2015 icu-59.1-vs2015.7z [md5] 31 MB x86 (32-bit)
x64 (64-bit)


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