I prebuilt binaries for a number of libraries that I use. Especially when it comes to developing on Window x64 there are still many libraries that I need to build by myself. If you have tried building custom Qt4 or Qt5 Libraries with MySQL and OpenSSL support then you know what I’m talking about. I typically compile all libraries shown in the Figure below to get shared and static, debug and release, x86 and x64 Boost and Qt libraries.


Please note that the binaries in this page are NOT supported or endorsed by any of the official developers. The logos and trademarks shown in this page are owned by the respective vendors. Furthermore, I build them exclusively for my personal use and therefore I can only try to help you if you run into problems, but in no way I can be held responsible for any problems you may encounter or their use causes you.

List of Libraries:

FreeGLUT Library ^

[url: http://freeglut.sourceforge.net]

File Revision / Date Notes Size MD5
glut-win32.7z 1343 / 14 Jun 2012 MSVC2010 | 32-bit | debug/release | shared/static 454 KB 4E368508057810687B2A959F1870D120
glut-win64.7z 1343 / 14 Jun 2012 MSVC2010 | 64-bit | debug/release | shared/static 472 KB BC35C7D18182E054598FADC20DBC3000

see my post on how to build the FreeGLUT library