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In Collection Perceptual and Artistic Principles for Effective Computer Depiction

Author(s): Maneesh Agrawala, Fr├ędo Durand, Bruce Gooch, Victoria Interrante, Victor Ostromoukhov, Denis Zorin.
In Collection: SIGGRAPH 2002, ACM Press, Course #13, San Antonio, Texas, 2002.
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This course presents connections between human visual perception and the art of picture production. Findings from perceptual and cognitive sciences are used to explore pictorial techniques used by artists as they address the challenges raised by the depiction of three-dimensional scenes on a flat media. The course introduces perceptual explanations for a variety of artistic styles. Finally, we present mechanisms that can make an image more effective, and demonstrate the adaptation of these mechanisms to computer graphics. The course is intended for both artists and scientists. Although it offers some practical insights, it is intended more as an in-breadth overview.

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