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Proceedings Lines and How to Draw Them

Author(s): Stefan Schlechtweg.
Proceedings: Norsk samarbeid innen grafisk databehandling, No. 2/97, pp. 4--6, 1997.
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The drawing of lines on the computer has been an area of interest for several years. In the beginning there were more practical reasons behind the development of line drawing algorithms (as for instence the rasterization of lines by Bresenham), later more esthetic reasons came into play. This article gives an overview of techniques for drawing lines with certain effects. A line in this context is not necessarily a straight line but can be every kind of curve. The presented methods are only three examples of this interesting area: a simulation of real brush-strokes, a vector-oriented technique for 3D-drawings and a method which can be applied to the output of an analytical renderer to create illustrative effects in line drawings.

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