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Proceedings Artistic Stereo Imaging by Edge Preserving Smoothing

Author(s): Giuseppe Papari, Patrizio Campisi, Patrick Le Callet, Nicolai Petkov.
Proceedings: IEEE 13th Digital Signal Processing Workshop and 5th IEEE Signal Processing Education Workshop (DSP/SPE'09), pp. 639--642, 2009.
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Stereo imaging is an important area of image and video processing, with exploding progress in the last decades. An open issue in this field is the understanding of the conditions under which the straightforward application of a given image processing operator to both the left and right image of a stereo pair preserves the stereoscopic perception. In this paper, we explore this problem with application to artistic imaging and we prove that, unlike other methods, artistic operators based on edge preserving smoothing have this desirable property. We also present a novel multiresolution artistic operator, purposely designed for stereo images, which enhances the perception of three-dimensionality by means of a depth driven local scale control.

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