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Proceedings A GPU-based method for real-time simulation of Eastern painting

Author(s): The Kiet Lu, Zhiyong Huang.
Proceedings: GRAPHITE '07: Proceedings of the 5th international conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques in Australia and Southeast Asia, pp. 111--118, ACM, 2007.
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Different from Western Paintings, one can only appreciate the beauty of Eastern paintings by looking at its ``spiritual'' aspects: ``a liking of simpleness with subtlety'' - The Art of Sumi-e. It is the careful brushwork with abstract strokes that embrace chance while leaving nothing up to chance, from any subtle changes in brush's pressure onto the paper to the fascinating ink diffusion absorbed by painting papers with various microstructures. Hence, the goal of this research work aims to ``capture'' these expressivenesses of the Eastern Arts, in digitalized form, which will open to new opportunities of exploration of painting techniques on the new digital Media, as well as of the easiness of calligraphical practices, complementary to the traditional way. By combining the flexibility from CPU and the power of GPU parallelism, together with carefully scheduling the simulation tasks between CPU and GPU, we have achieved good results with high visual quality and also are able to fulfill the requirement of real-time simulation.

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