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Proceedings Illustrative Rendering Techniques for Visualization: Future of Visualization or Just Another Technique?

Author(s): Dirk Bartz, Hans Hagen, Victoria Interrante, Kwan-Liu Ma, Bernhard Preim.
Proceedings: Proceedings of the IEEE Visualization 2005 October 23-28, Minneapolis, MN, USA (VIS'05), pp. 715--718, Los Alamitos, CA, USA, IEEE Computer Society, 2005.
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Illustrative rendering has gone a long way already. While it has been a topic at Eurographics, ACM SIGGRAPH, and other events since the early nineties, it was basically introduced to visualization by Interrante et al. in 1996 [2], and later by Treavett/Chen [3] and by Ebert/Rheingans [1]. At last years IEEE Visualization conference, illustrative rendering for visualization has been identified as one of the items on the agenda of future research items. Furthermore, it has been chosen next to perception and other topics as one of the special topic areas for IEEE Visualization 2005.

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