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Article Generating Comics from 3D Interactive Computer Graphics

Author(s): Ariel Shamir, Michael Rubinstein, Tomer Levinboim.
Article: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Vol. 26, No. 3, pp. 53--61, May/June, 2006.
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There are times when computer graphics is required to be succinct and simple. Carefully chosen simplified and static images can portray a story narration as effectively as 3D photorealistic dynamic graphics. This article presents an automatic system that transforms dynamic graphics originating from interactions in a computer game's 3D virtual world into a sequence of static comic images. The system traces events during the interaction and then analyzes and breaks them into scenes. Based on user-defined parameters of point-of-view and story granularity it chooses specific time-frames to create static images, renders them, and applies postprocessing to reduce their cluttering. Our system extends the principle of intelligent reduction-of-details from the spatial to the temporal domain by choosing important events and depicting them visually. The end result is a sequence of comic images that summarize the main happenings in the game and present them in a coherent but concise manner.

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