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Proceedings Bootstrapping an Animated Sketchbook

Author(s): Joshua Gargus.
Proceedings: Third International Conference on Creating, Connecting and Collaborating through Computing (C5'05), pp. 33--40, 2005.
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This paper describes initial steps towards a system for intuitively sketching animations in the context of a digital sketchbook for developing ideas and recording thoughts. Following a user-centric approach, the initial version of the system is designed as an interviewing tool to gather user feedback that will guide further UI development. To facilitate review of user interviews, we have implemented a history mechanism that works with arbitrarily nested 'worlds'. The history of the entire complex of worlds can be traversed, or sub-worlds can be traversed individually, or even be embedded in completely different worlds. We describe a novel approach to fitting, storing, and rendering strokes drawn by the user, which is designed for low storage overhead and efficient traversal by our history mechanism, and which supports expressively animated rendering styles using GPU shaders.

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