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Proceedings Painterly Rendering Controlled by Multiscale Image Features

Author(s): Levente Kovács, Tamás Szirányi.
Proceedings: Proceedings of the 20th Spring Conference on Computer Graphics (SCCG'04), pp. 177--184, Budmerice, Slovakia, 2004.
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What we present in this paper is a 2D non-photorealistic, stroke-based image rendering technique, which is a fully automatic template-based painting method controlled by the structure of the model image. Namely it is based on dominant, weighted image edges and ridges extracted by a multiscale edge/ridge detection method. Stroke sizes (scales) and painting directions are both controlled by edge and ridge weights and orientations. This way the painting process becomes more ”natural” in the sense that all of its parameters are guided by image features. We also present different painting variations based on this technique.

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