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Proceedings Non-Photorealistic Rendering of Hair for Animated Cartoons

Author(s): Martin Côté, Pierre-Marc Jodoin, Charles Donohue, Victor Ostromoukhov.
Proceedings: GRAPHICON 04, 2004.
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In cartoon drawings, hair is a strong vehicle of personality, emotions and style. In this paper, we present a powerful pro- cedure to imitate the appearance of cartoon-like hair with a small set of parameters. Our approach is inspired by an inking technique called feathering, which consists of draw- ing hatches along the hair orientation while emphasizing the highlights with ink stains. Our system provides a set of tools to facilitate the positioning of the generated hair over the hand-drawn hair while keeping an intuitive interface for the artists. We can also achieve hair animation by inter- polating various keyframes set by the user. Our approach has proven successful and flexible enough to adapt itself to different styles and is particularly well-suited for traditional animators.

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