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Technical Report A Paper Model for Real-time Watercolor Simulation

Author(s): Tom Van Laerhoven, Jori Liesenborgs, Frank Van Reeth.
Technical Report: EDM/LUC, No. TR-LUC-EDM-0403, Diepenbeek, Belgium, 2003.
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Physically-based paint systems usually sacrifice their real-time property for adequately complex behaviour, which means the input of a stroke and its actual rendering occur in separate stages of the simulation process. Painting, however is a process that intuitively should be interactive. We present a physically-based paper model that is sufficiently soffisticated to allow for complex paint behaviour, and which is able to generate watercolor images in real-time by simulating the mechanics of pigment particles and water throughout a three-layer paper canvas. The real-timeness is maintained by distributing the paper canvas over a clustered processing units. The paper canvas is divided into a grid of smaller sub-papers, each of which is processed on a seperate processing unit. The results are collected and rendered at the user’s computer.

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