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Proceedings Speedlines - Depicting Motion in Motionless Pictures

Author(s): Maic Masuch, Stefan Schlechtweg.
Proceedings: Siggraph 1999, 8-13 August 1999, Los Angeles, 1999.
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How do we present the motion of objects in computer generated still images? Generally, we don't. Or, if we do, we use motion blurring to simulate a real-world camera [PC83]. Besides, it costs a great deal of extra rendering time, and the only thing it does is blur the objects so that their contours are unrecognizable. The goal to convey information about the movement per se is not entirely met. If, however, we consider the application of non-photorealistic rendering techniques, it is promising to adopt successful illustrative techniques from comics to depict past and future motions of objects in a single image.

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