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Proceedings Rendering Line Drawings with Limited Resources

Author(s): Stefan Schlechtweg, Thomas Strothotte.
Proceedings: Proceedings of GraphiCon'96, Vol. 2, pp. 131--137, St. Petersburg, Russia, July, 1996.
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Pictures play an important role in the communication process. Communicative goals can be expressed for instance with the specific use of different levels of abstraction in pictures. Especially in textbooks and scientific publications, images are used where the level of detail of different objects is deliberately changed to express the importance of an object in the picture. In this paper we introduce the concept of "drawing resources" for rendered line-drawings. This concept defines measures for controlling the level of detail of single objects in a drawing. We present a system which is based on a line-renderer and which enables a user to interact with the drawing thus created. The concept of drawing resources yields a new basis for formulating the user's ideas of the appearance of the final image.

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