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Unpublished Interactive Artificial Ant Colonies for Non-Photorealistic Rendering

Author(s): Yann Semet, Una-May O'Reilly, Fr├ędo Durand.
Unpublished: 2004.
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We apply artificial ant techniques to the area of computer graphics known as Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR). We use an artificial ant colony to transform a photograph into a stylized picture inspired by traditional artistry. A colony of artificial ants scan the source image locally, following strong edges or wandering around flat zones, and deposit ink on the canvas depending on their discoveries. A variety of visual effects are obtained. Two such are painterly rendering and pencil sketching. These both emerge by the ant colony successively applying ink that forms strokes that decrease in size while they increase in contrast. The colony’s interaction with the photograph and each other requires and offers interactive control by users. This work suggests that emergent artificial ant techniques can assist a human artist by accomplishing aesthetic transformations in a convenient and creative way. More at:

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