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Proceedings Computer-Generated Pencil Drawing

Author(s): Mario Costa Sousa, John W. Buchanan.
Proceedings: Skiggraph '99, 1999.
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In this paper we give an overview of our research on nonphotorealistic rendering methods for computer-generated pencil drawing. Our approach to the problem of simulating pencil drawings was to break it down into the subproblems of (1) simulating first the drawing materials (graphite pencil and drawing paper, blenders and kneaded eraser), (2) developing drawing primitives (individual pencil strokes and mark-making to create tones and textures), (3) simulating the basic rendering techniques (outlining and shading of 3D models) used by artists and illustrators familiar with pencil rendering, and (4) implementing the control of drawing steps from preparatory sketches to finished rendering results. We demonstrate the capabilities of our approach with a variety of images generated from reference images and 3D models.

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