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Proceedings A Non-Photorealistic Rendering Images By A Handheld Device

Author(s): Lin Hsin Hsin.
Proceedings: 11th International Conference on Information Visualization (IV '07), pp. 845--849, 2007.
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From phantom haptic devices, 3D mouse to multimodal interfaces, while the academics contend about the similarities and differences in theoretical approaches and understanding of the next generation of interfaces in the pursuit of formulating research directions; researchers are actively pursuing the emergence of the next generation of human-computer interaction predictions, discussing emerging new interaction styles and interface designs; few or almost none has discussed the exquisite offerings, the use and merits of using simply the age old two-button mechanical mouse in the artistic interactive taxonomy. This paper presents an exclusive range of results created by the autonomous, ubiquitous and pervasive handheld interaction of the mechanical mouse. It discusses the tangible interfaces -- lightweight, tacit, passive, perceptual and non-command line interaction interface. The core of this framework is founded of an event-based dab-and-scribe, press-and-release dexterity in a discrete or continuous process as an user interface widget. It eliminates the necessity of extra input layers, offers instant visualization and demonstrates the embodied interfaces of this handheld device technology. This approach and practice establishes that such handheld device is an indispensable tool that offers endto-end solution from instant conceptualization to visualization thus bridging the gap between desire, creative thinking and realization that reigns. The author, creator of an extensive repertoire of NPR images, compares the sensitivity of this wired two-button mechanical roller ball mouse versus a high precision laser mouse while she profiles the futility of the wireless self-powered optical mouse as well as the pen tablet.

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