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Article Natural-looking strokes for drawing applications

Author(s): Kyoko Murakami, Reiji Tsuruno, Etsuo Genda.
Article: The Visual Computer, Vol. 22, No. 6, pp. 415--423, 2006.
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This paper presents an algorithm for generating realistic drawing strokes in real-time that can take on the appearance of pastels, charcoals, or crayons. The similarity between the pigment deposit patterns on paper surfaces produced by pastel strokes and the shadows/shades on illuminated paper surfaces have been investigated. Multiple paper textures have been prepared and the paper surfaces have been ascertained by illumination from various directions to represent strokes in arbitrary directions. These textures have been processed as if they could be used as a height field, and pigments deposited on the paper have been calculated using the height field and tablet inputs.

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