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Proceedings Cartoon-like stylization of video for real-time applications

Author(s): Chaoqun Hong, Zhi Yang, Jiajun Bu, Yi Liu, Chun Chen.
Proceedings: 2008 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, pp. 985--988, 2008.
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Cartoon-like stylization for video suffers the problems of low speed and unpleasant visual effect of edges in contiguous frames. In this paper, we present a novel approach of cartoon-like stylization for video which is fit for the high real-time requirement of some applications. In this approach, the edge detection algorithm bases on the Laplacian of Gaussian (LOG). It is faster and has better visual effect of edges in contiguous frames. In addition to that, we use an implementation based on querying the tables of filter coefficients and quantization values in the steps of extended nonlinear diffusion and color quantization to further improve the speed of our method. The real-time method brings amusing effect to the entertaining systems such as video chat or gaming. The results of our experiments show that our method performs well on the human faces and scenery.

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