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Article Interactive Illustrative Rendering on Mobile Devices

Author(s): Jingshu Huang, Brian Bue, Avin Pattath, David Ebert, Krystal M. Thomas.
Article: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Vol. 27, No. 3, pp. 48--56, 2007.
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Illustrative rendering is a widely used visualization technique to display conceptual information, describe problems, and give insight to solve them efficiently in science, engineering, and the arts. Providing users with automated tools to generate illustrations at will is a challenging problem. Adapting illustrative rendering techniques from desktop platforms to mobile devices creates many hardware and software issues. The authors discuss adaptations of different illustration techniques for rendering 3D models directly on mobile devices for education and training purposes. The implementations of these illustration techniques address the limitations widely encountered in low-end devices. An interactive mobile graphical and textual rendering system with a toolkit of different illustration modes has been implemented.

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