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Article Video motion analysis for the synthesis of dynamic cues and Futurist art

Author(s): John P. Collomosse, Peter M. Hall.
Article: Graphical Models (Special Issue on the Vision, Video and Graphics Conference 2005), Vol. 68, No. 5-6, pp. 402--414, September-November, 2006.
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This paper presents new methods for stylising video to produce cartoon motion emphasis cues and modern art. Specifically, we introduce "dynamic cues" as a class of motion emphasis cue, encompassing traditional animation techniques such as anticipation and motion exaggeration. We describe methods for automatically synthesising such cues within video premised upon the recovery of articulated ?gures, and the subsequent manipulation of the recovered pose trajectories. Additionally, we show how our motion emphasis framework may be applied to emulate artwork in the Futurist style, popularised by Duchamp.

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