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Proceedings NPAR by Example: Line Drawing Facial Animation from Photographs

Author(s): Yuan Luo, Marina L. Gavrilova, Mario Costa Sousa.
Proceedings: International Conference on Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualisation (CGIV'06), pp. 514--521, Los Alamitos, CA, USA, IEEE Computer Society, 2006.
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This paper presents a new method for generating nonphotorealistic (NPR) facial expression animations. The method consists of two main processing parts. First, a particular NPR style portrait is created from a frontal facial photograph. Facial expressive details, like: expressive wrinkles,?ne creases, even freckles, can be included in the synthesized portrait, which makes it more expressive. Second, with two different facial expression portraits, a metamorphing algorithm using distance transform is utilized to produce the 2D animation. Our morphing process is fully automated, no control point or any manual work is required. Finally, a continuous facial expression animation is produced. The resulted animation is useful in a number of potential applications, ranging from entertainment and education to teleconferencing and psychology research.

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