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Proceedings Texture Guided Realtime Painterly Rendering of Geometric Models

Author(s): Shiben Bhattacharjee, Neeharika Adabala.
Proceedings: Proceedings of 5th Indian Conference on Computer Vision,Graphics and Image Processing (ICVGIP 2006, Madurai, India, December 13-16), Vol. 4338, LNCS, pp. 311--320, 2006.
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We present a real-time painterly rendering technique for geometric models. The painterly appearance and the impression of geometric detail is created by e?ectively rendering several brush strokes. Unlike existing techniques, we use the textures of the models to come up with the features and the positions of strokes in 3D object space. The strokes have ?xed locations on the surfaces of the models during animation, this enables frame to frame coherence. We use vertex and fragment shaders to render strokes for real-time performance. The strokes are rendered as sprites in two-dimensions, analogous to the way artists paint on canvas. While animating, strokes may get cluttered since they are closely located on screen. Existing techniques ignore this issue; we address it by developing a level of detail scheme that maintains a uniform stroke density in screen space. We achieve painterly rendering in real-time with a combination of object space positioning and image space rendering of strokes. We also maintain consistency of rendering between frames. We illustrate our method with images and performance results.

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