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Proceedings Introducing Artistic Tools in an Interactive Paint System

Author(s): Koen Beets, Tom Van Laerhoven, Frank Van Reeth.
Proceedings: 14th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision (WSCG'06), pp. 47--54, January, 2006.
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While paint systems have been around for a long time, systems capable of capturing the complex behavior of paint media like watercolor, gouache, Oriental ink, oil and acrylic paint have emerged only recently. However, concentrating on the simulation of paint and brush mechanics, these applications mostly provide just a minimal set of instruments assisting users in creating artwork. We report on the extension of our physically-based paint system for watery paint with a set of versatile tools supplying users with more control during the painting process. We introduce, among others, the use of masking ?uid, a special-purpose brush using patterns to steer paint diffusion, and the adoption of an absorbent, textured piece of paper to remove some wet paint from the canvas. Results show that images created with genuine paint, using real-life counterparts of some of these tools, can be closely reproduced with our application. Additionally, our digital tools can produce effects that are dif?cult or impossible to achieve with real paint, while retaining the spontaneous nature of the resulting images.

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