Non-Photorealistic Computer Graphics Library

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Proceedings The G2-Buffer Framework

Author(s): Mike Eissele, Daniel Weiskopf, Thomas Ertl.
Proceedings: Proceedings of SimVis, pp. 287--298, 2004.
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The geometric buffer (G-buffer) is a well-known approach to implement imagebased rendering algorithms. We propose a framework that maps the G-buffer concept and associated image-space operations to the graphics processing unit (GPU). This GPU-G-buffer (G2 -buffer) framework consists of two major components: first, a texture-based representation of the G-buffer attributes; second, an implementation of the image-space operations by fragment programs. The G-buffer setup and the actual rendering algorithm are described in a plain text file, whose syntax is an extended version of the Effect Files in DirectX or CgFX. Our approach provides a fast and easy method to implement G-buffer algorithms that automatically exploit the GPU with its high memory bandwidth and processing power. We demonstrate the usage of the G2 -buffer for a couple of applications in non-photorealistic rendering.

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