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PhD Thesis Real-Time Non-Photorealistic Rendering Techniques for Illustrating 3D Scenes and their Dynamics

Author(s): Marc Nienhaus.
PhD Thesis: University of Potsdam, Germany, June, 2005.
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This thesis addresses real-time non-photorealistic rendering techniques and their applications in interactive visualization. Real-time rendering has emerged as an important discipline within computer graphics developing a broad variety of rendering and optimization techniques along with dramatic advances in computer graphics hardware. While many applications of real-time rendering techniques concentrate on achieving photorealistic imagery, non-photorealistic computer graphics is investigating concepts and techniques that deliberately abstract from reality using expressive, stylized, or illustrative rendering; major goals include visual clarity, attractiveness, comprehensibility, and perceptibility in depictions. Non-photorealistic rendering techniques often rely on the concepts and principles found in traditional illustrations, graphics design, and art.

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