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Proceedings Artistic rendering of the visual cortex

Author(s): Roberto Lam, João Rodrigues, J.M.Hans du Buf.
Proceedings: 2nd Workshop Luso-Galaico de Artes Digitais (ARTECH2005), pp. 65--78, Vila-Nova-Cerveira, Portugal, August 27, 2005.
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In this paper we explain the processing in the first layers of the visual cortex by simple, complex and endstopped cells, plus grouping cells for line, edge, keypoint and saliency detection. Three visualisations are presented: (a) an integrated scheme that shows activities of simple, complex and end-stopped cells, (b) artistic combinations of selected activity maps that give an impression of global image structure and/or local detail, and (c) NPR on the basis of a 2D brightness model. The cortical image representations offer many possibilities for non-photorealistic rendering.

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