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Proceedings Strokes for Drawings Using Illuminated Paper Surfaces

Author(s): Kyoko Murakami, Reiji Tsuruno, Etsuo Genda.
Proceedings: SIGGRAPH 2004 sketches, 2004.
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A stroke drawn bydrawing tools that have a soft tip such as pencils, pastels, charcoals, chalks, or crayons, is highly interfered by sufrace irregularity of the support medium such as paper, and the texture of the paper appears on it. Without simulating interaction between those materials, "realistic" art tools are not represented. However, an elaborate simulation takes a lot of time for a drawing tool that is preferable to work in real time. In this study we focus on the similarity between the appearance of strokes that are drawn on paper using pastel and paper texture illuminated by a light. Therefore, we use 12 illuminated paper textures as a "height field" [Curtis et al. 1994] for simulating pigment deposition by a stroke drawn in one direction. In fact, when a stroke is drawn, the stroke uses the height field, the gray value of converted paper texture illuminated by a light, from the same direction as the stroke. This technique takes less time.

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