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Article Artistic Surface Rendering Using Layout of Text

Author(s): Tatiana Surazhsky, Gershon Elber.
Article: Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 99--110, 2002.
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An artistic rendering method of free-form surfaces with the aid of half-toned text that is laid-out on the given surface is presented. The layout of the text is computed using symbolic composition of the free-form parametric surface S(u,v) with cubic or linear Bezier curve segments C(t) = { Cu(t), Cv(t)}, comprising the outline of the text symbols. Once the layout is constructed on the surface, a shading process is applied to the text, affecting the width of the symbols as well as their color, according to some shader function. The shader function depends on the surface orientation and the view direction as well as the color and the direction or position of the light source.

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