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Proceedings Adaptive Brush Stroke Generation for Painterly Rendering

Author(s): Young Sup Park, Kyung Hyun Yoon.
Proceedings: Eurographics 2004 - Short Presentations, pp. 65--68, August, 2004.
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We propose adaptive brush stroke generation for source images, using reference data. Colors used are formed by actual palette colors from artists. To create the palette, we have referred mostly to colors used in Van Gogh's works and determined the color of brush strokes by transferring it to the most similar one, through comparing colors used in source images and the palette colors. Also, by referring to the edge orientation of source images, we have applied a brush stroke orientation that surrounds the edges. The sizes were determined depending on the different sizes of the objects from wide to narrow brushes. Finally, we applied spline curve shapes. The brush strokes created in such method, were applied separately according to its segmented images, and composed after rendering.

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