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Technical Report Dynamics by Hybrid Combination of Photorealistic and Non-Photorealistic Rendering Styles

Author(s): Roland Jesse, Tobias Isenberg, Bernd Nettelbeck, Thomas Strothotte.
Technical Report: Department of Computer Science, University of Magdeburg, No. 5/2004, Germany, 2004.
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In order to extend the set of classic presentation variables, we present the use of hybrid rendering styles combining photorealistic (PR) and non-photorealistic (NPR) techniques. Hybrid images cannot simply be generated by combining classic PR rendering with the addition of NPR line styles. Instead, different combinations of photorealism and non-photorealism are applied to different parts of the scene simultaneously. Dynamic presentations are created by a smooth blending between the different styles used. Two blending approaches are presented: use of the -channel and modification of objects’ emissive color. Any parameterization of these blending techniques are supported by an analysis of perceptional constraints leading to the definition of a dynamics stimulus window. Possible application scenarios are presented for a technical as well as a medical model.

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